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testing for CS3216

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testing for CS3216

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Facebook seminar

•February 3, 2009 • 10 Comments

Talk about facebook seminar.

First impression: People are overdressed (I know, it’s me who is under dressed, but ha ha, bleh). I think me and my group mates was the most casual dressing people there.

So I’m choosing Geo Challenge to critique here. Few reasons:

1. I love to travel.
2. I like Geo Challenge
3. It’s the only presented app that I can vividly remember, haha.

So, the app is really good and addictive. I love the simplicity of the gameplay, and to me, most of the time simplicity delivers the best result. The graphic is also really good, it’s colourful, attractive, and again, simple enough (like other Playfish games).

But well, it’s not all good (else I don’t have anything to write on this blog). First, it’s my opinion (not really a critic though), I hate to pay 4.99$ to just play some extension. Why the hell do I have to pay that much money (yes I am a big cheapskate) for a click-n-click game? I never expected to see a paying-to-play game on Facebook, and the game at first discourage me to play, coz I think I can never enjoy the whole game (like those demo games, gamers).

Second, the game got bugs, and it really bug me sometimes. I once scored around 10000, but it just don’t save the score. So waste of time, and energy (ok, it’s wasted time anyway ha ha, and redundant energy also). And exactly as the presenting team told, the 2nd level was really frustrating, coz’ some countries just look the same, and it’s really difficult to distinguish (well I don’t play long enuf to recognize anyway) By the way, FYI, the cheat of pausing the game that the team present talk about was found by ME. I told Jason and he just steal it to put in the presentation (kill kill kill) (Prof if you reading this, please deduct Jason’s grade and give it to me. Hahaha)

And last, I really hope that the app can give out free info like fun facts or something like that.

Well, for our group’s presentation, I love it. I really think my team mates did a great job. Thanks Archana for a great presentation, Sharon for the great analysis and Youming for the tech.

Well, that’s everything. It’s not 2359 yet, so I survive the requirement. Yay.

This is a totally boring blog.

New year ri so lu son`

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Ok, my resolution for this year.

1. Set up my first company. This gonna be really exciting. And tough. But exciting.
2. My Europe trip this summer. Back-pack for at least 1 month. This is an easy one, I saved enuf money already (which is the most difficult part). Muah hah hah hah hah hah. I want to visit Japan also though, but I better not to be so greedy..
3. Meo meo meo.

Ok, just 3 things.

My 2nd blog (prof have to urge me T.T)

•January 26, 2009 • 6 Comments

First of all, happy Lunar New Year everybody (Do not tell me it’s Chinese New Year). Have a very good year ahead.

2nd of all, It’s blogging time.

A little bit more about me: I HATE writing. That is the reason why I got 4.7/10 average score in my high school, and it’s because I got caught while cheating in the exam. So I lazily force myself to finish this blog so I can enjoy the New Year’s Eve.

So last lecture, we met some guys from Micro$oft. They showed us some cool and new (?!) thing coming next year and in the future. But I highly doubt about their newness of their idea.

First, Xbox 360 and its new way of buying games seems like the old Itunes Store (which is about 10 year old), just instead of music, it allow people to buy games. Only good news they got is, we can develop games, upload and sell (and M$ will take some of your $, of course). But then it become not-so-good news, when people need a few millions $$$ to make a cool game. And last but not least, why the hell M$ don’t hire people who know how to design? Too expensive? Or like Steve Jobs once said “The problem with M$ that they don’t have any taste” (See the documentary “Triumph of the nerds” for more information)? The Xbox 360 menu is so so bad that I really want to scream out loud. Look at PS3 or Wii interface plz..

Second, it’s WPF and Silverlight. Look quite cool and and neat and smart. But bad news, I have to install Windows to develop WPF. No @*& way! I’m thinking I will borrow my girl’s laptop instead.

Third, It’s the M$ Surface. I saw that before, and well, to me, it’s a giant Iphone, no less. Ok, to be honest, it’s look cool, but ‘Apple cool’. And got a few good features too, like the visualized connection between ur phone and your cameras and your whatever. But let’s hope that I don’t have to install Windows on these devices.

And the M$ imagine cup, wow, it’s so remind me of the time I went to Korea for the robot competition (show off, people). It’s really is..

So that’s everything I want to say..

Oh, one more thing, Apple rulezzz (yes, I’m a big mac fan boy).

And I forgot, Henri Cartier-Bresson is really a true artist, and Ansel Adam is merely a technician.

CS3216 first blog

•January 14, 2009 • 11 Comments

I have to write this blog because it’s a requirement. So, here it is.

A little intro about me: I’m the first guy doing the show-n-tell, if you guys can remember me (the 1 who show off the ‘ugly Roomba’, (but it’s much much better than the stupid Roomba though )). I am the guy with ‘everything can attitude’ and will beat anyone to (near) death if you don’t believe/tell me I can’t do something.

So this comic strip pretty much describe well about me.

So I dare ya, hehe…

And there’s something I did not have the chance to show (because I was cut off by our (beloved (?)) professor ), and it’s something I’m really proud off: my design and photography portfolio.

Some photographs of mine:

You can find more on

and my logo design for a company:

More here:

Ok, end of show-off part..
So talking about the module…

After the first lecture of the module, I feel quite excited. People taking the class is really smart, and I really want to work with them soon and making something that could make money. That would be really damn cool..

The show-and-tell is quite impressive, with the most impressive being the guy who can do the Carlsberg’s advertisement bottle blowing (?), hehe.

I dont know what to write more about, so I guess I should stop here.

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